Navies and Nations vol 1 and 2.
Warships, Navies and State Building in Europe and America, 1500-1860

Author : Jan Glete
ISBN: 9122015655
First published : 1993
Pages : 770 total

These two books have been my inspiration of these web pages, and also my favourite books. Here you found some errors of the volume two tables.

Laiva (Ship)(Skeppet)

Author : Björn Landström
ISBN : 9511111833
First published : 1961
Pages : 320

This book is also one of my favourite.
There is 810 reconstructions of the ships in all periods. The book found in 13 different languages

The Line of Battle

Author : Robert Gardiner
ISBN : 1557505012
First published : 1992
Pages : 208

This book was one of my first book in this subject, and therefore also one of my inspiration in man-of-war.
This book contain very useful
Bibliography list.

Sailing Ships at War 1400-1860

Author : Frank Howard
ISBN : 0851771386
First published : 1979
Pages : 256

This book is contain some of the prints, that I have not seen elsewhere.

Warships of the Napoleonic Era

Author : Robert Gardiner
ISBN : 1861761171
First published : 1999
Pages : 160

This book contain many fine drawings of the ships and also some data of ships
(English, French, Spain, Netherland, Denmark-Norway, America)