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Orlogsflådens skibe gennem 500 år
Den dansk-norske flåde 1510-1814 og den danske flåde 1814-2010

These three parts including some 4000 ships listed.

Author : Henrik Christiansen
ISBN : 978 87 89022 78 5
Published : 2010
Pages : 253+305+279+ CD-rom

The first part included :
Old ship types like “Hovedskibe”, “Mellem orlogskibe” 20-50 guns, “Mindre orlogsskibe” under 20 guns.
Also there is ship of the line, frigates, corvettes, snows, brigs, brigantines, schooners, cutters, and jagts.
Second part included rowing ships, and boats, defence ships, “helpships”, and “service vessels”.
Also included : Combined sail and power-driven vessels, like screw frigates/corvettes, armored corvettes/frigates etc.
Third part included only power-driven vessels.

ships mentioned in the following information (if available) : ship name/ keel laid/ launched/ in service/ out of service/
displacement in laesten (one laest = 1,96 Danish tons, and 1,93 English tons). Notice one “kommercelaest”
was 2,6 danish tons (5200 pound) / lenght stem to stern/ design waterline?/beam/ depth or draught fore and aft(c.1690) /
crew number/ guns /largest size or sizes/ building place and builder/ mast number and sail area.

The pros and cons :

pros :

 + huge amount of information every ships in Danish navy
 + books are nice carton box
 + price
 + CD-rom is nice, if you have to for example,arrangedin alphabetical order the ships.

cons :

 - ships had been nice to have the original measurement units.
 - drawings could have been bigger and in addition there could have been more paintings (in colors).

In summary, I would say that this is the best and only book series that deals with such a wide scale in the Danish fleet.