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Great Ships : Frank Fox

Britannia with Royal Sovereign was English biggest ship in 17th. century. Britannia laid down at Chatham in 1679, and launched in 1682, but not commissioned first until march 1691.The ship was girled in 1691-1692 to 48-8 feet.(first 47-4 feet.).
Even girdling the shipīs overloaded hull continued to give trouble.
Britannia main guns cannon-of-seven weighed 6500 lb. apiece.
Britannia fought only one time at battle of Barfleur 1692, when she was Lord Russellīs flagship.
In battle she meet Tourvilleīs flagship Soleil Royal, and both ships were crippled at the battle.
Britannia was never action again.
In 1716 Britannia was taken two pieces in Woolwich, and rebuilt as a completely different ship of 1894 tons, and launched in 1719. Britannia was harbour service  in 1745, and broken up in 1749.
Britannia armament c.1694 was 104 guns( 28-42, 24-24, 2-18, 28-12, 22-5,25 pounders.)
Dimensions : 167-5 x 136-0 x 47-4(48-8g) x 19-7,5 x 24-0(20-0) ft. burden 1620/ 1712(after girdling).