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Great Classic Sailing Ships

52-gun Constitution launched in Boston 31.12 1797.
In war 1812-1815 the Constitution first victim was HMS Guerriere(48)
Second victory was HMS Java (46) the battle lasted almost four hours,
when Java so severely damaged, that she had to be sunk.
Third victim was schooner Picton(14).
Perhaps the most famous action happen in febryary 1815, when she fight against
two British sloop, the Cyane(32), and Levant(20).
Constitution captured both ships, but when three British frigates chase she,
and her prizes, the both prizes escaped.
Constitution come back home town in 1897, and still exist there.
Dimensions were 175 x 43-6(moulded beam) x 14-3.
Draught was 21 ft. forward, and 23 ft. aft.
She measured 1444 American tons, and 1533 British. crew was 450.