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Kustaa III ja Suuri Merisota

66-gun Enigheten launched at Karlskrona in 1732, and the building master was
Charles Sheldon, displacement was c.2000 ton.
Dimensions were 166 x 44 x 20 ft. , and the gun sizes 26x24, 26x12, 14x6.
Enigheten was towed fire ship Postiljon, and there was intended to set fire enemy ships, when they bypass the enemy line in Vyborg bay gauntled in 1790 but accidentally the second lieutenant Sandel set her fire too early (because he was so drunk), and the fireship rammed to the Enigheten, which caught fire along the heavy frigate Zemire, and the all three ship exploded.
Second Lieutenant Sandel was rescued from the sea, and was sentenced toforced labor.