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Kustaa III ja Suuri Merisota

Hemmema class ships was most of the poweful vessels in archipelago fleet. The first was built in 1764 and she was
c.32,7m long, 8,2m wide and 2,8m max draught.
Armament was 18x12, 4x3, 16x3”nickors”.
Second generation Hemmema class ships was built 1790 (3) and two more in 1809.
These vessels were c.650 t. in displacement and they dimensions was : 146 x 36 x 10 ft. ( 43,4 x 10,7 x 3 m)
Main armament was “super” heavy 24x36 pdrs. and other guns were 2x12, and 8x”nickors” (swivels)
In war only Styrbjörn carried 36 pdrs, and Hjalmar did not have ready to war in 1790.Last two was armed 24x36, 10x24.
Crew number was 215 in first vessel, and 305 in 1790 vessels.First one was 28 oars, the others was 40 oars(160 rowers).