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Great Classic Sailing Ships

Royal Prince 1610 was England first 3-decker warship. When she was ready for launching 1610, it was discovered that the ship´s beam was to great to permit her to pass throught the mouth of the dock. So  there were very little crowd in the next morning 2 clock when Prince finally launched.
Prince carried first 55-guns, in 1641 she was rated as a 64-gun ship.During Commonwealth times, when she
was known as Resolution there was 88-guns.In Her final form she carried 92-gun.
Royal Prince ran aground in four days´battle in 1666. Dutch captured, and burned her
Orginal dimensions was : 115 keel x 43(43-6)(inside planking) x 18 ft.
After her last Refit in 1663 the ship dimension was : 132 calculated keel x 45-2 x 18-10 ft.
Displacement was c.1900 t. in first, and c.2300t.in final form.(below). 

Great Ships: Frank Fox