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Great Ships : Frank Fox

76-86 gun Royal Katherine 1664 was one of the famous man-of-war in English Navy, she fought nine major battle.
In four days battle she ran aground, and barely escaped, in 1667 she had to be sunk shallow water avoiding capture of the Dutch raid
on the Medway. Battle of Solebay 1672 Katherine was actually taken by Dutch. Captain, and officers were sent to Netherlands, but the other crew who left the ship rose against the prize crew, and brought her safely home. 1702 Royal Katherine rebuilt.
Ship dimensions were : 153-1 (gd.) x 121-0 (kl.) x 39-8 (41-0 after girdled) x 17-2 (dh.) x 20-0 (dr.)
Her calculated keel lenght was 124-0 ft. calculated burden after her girdled was 1108 tons.
Guns (1666) : 10-42, 12-32, 30-18, 22-9, 2-6 pdr. , crew was 450.