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Mariner Mirror

Sovereign of the Seas was largest ship in the world when built.
She carried 104-guns when completed. Dimensions in first were: 127 (kl.) x 46-6(inside planking) x 19-4 ft.
Burden in old formula was 1141, and tonnage 1522 t.
After her last refit 1685 :167-9(gd.) x 48-4 (outside planking) x 19-4(dh.) x 23-6(dr.)ft.
Displacement was c.2600-2700 t. in first, and c.2700-2800 t.in her final form.
Sovereign rebuilt three time before she burned by accident 1696.
The new Royal Soverign launched 1701, and some of the old wreck parts used building the new one,
so she could be officially called “rebuilt”

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