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Building master was: Francis Sheldon.
Keel laid down 27.10.1664.
Launched 31.7.1668, and ready for sea 1672.
The Kronan lost in battle of Íland in june 1676.
The ship was made too sharp maneuver
in battle, and ship flooded in her lower
gunports and this caused that main
magazine exploded.
839 men lost, and only three saved.
Wreck was rediscovered in 1980.
(105-guns, when sunk)?.
One 36 pdrs weight some 3,8 tons.
Dimension : 178-6 x 43-5 x 21 Swedish feet.
Kronan total length was 197 ft. (stern gallery to figurehead)?
Displacement was c.2200-2300 t.