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Kustaa III ja Suuri Merisota

In total there was built 14 Turuma class ships between 1761-1791.
First one was  “only” 116 x 26-6 x 5-9/7-4 ft., and 290 tons, 32 oars,
guns: 22x12, 10x3(4), 24x3”nickors”.
Second was 120 x 30 x 10-6 ft., 490 tons, 32 oars,
guns: 24x12, 10x3, 16x3”nickors”
Last twelve was 126 x 31 x 11 ft. , 530 tons, 38 oars (44 last six)(152/176 rowers).
guns : 2x18, 24x12, 22x3”nickors” (first six, built in 1770s)
24x18, 4x3 or 2x18,22x12, 4x3”nickors” (last six).
These “rowing frigates” draft however, was too big and it was difficult to
maneuverin shallow waters in the archipelago.